Jaina Sutras, Part II (English Edition)

April 1, 2020

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Jaina Sutras, Part II (English Edition)
Titulo del libro : Jaina Sutras, Part II (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 17, 2010
Número de páginas : 690

Jaina Sutras, Part II (English Edition)

Jaina Sutras, Part II
by Hermann Jacobi

Part Two of the Hermann Jacobi translation of the Jaina Sutras.

As is the practice at this site, the typography of the original has been preserved as far as possible. This means that italics are used to indicate distinctions between consonants in transliterated Sanskrit and Prakrit. The system used is documented on the charts attached to the Sacred Books of the East page. Most notably in this system, 'j' (roughly, the initial sound of the English word 'jam') is written italic g, hence the spelling Gain throughout, which is pronounced 'Jain.' This book is normally cited as 'Jaina Sutras' in modern publications and bibliographies.

About the Author

"Hermann Georg Jacobi (1 February 1850 - 19 October 1937) was an eminent German Indologist.Jacobi was born in Koln on 1 February 1850. After leaving school he went to Berlin, where initially he studied mathematics, but later, probably under the influence of Albrecht Weber, switched to Sanskrit and comparative linguistics. He, however, obtained his Doctorate from Bonn. The subject of his thesis, written in 1872, was the origin of the term "hora" in Indian astrology.Jacobi was able to visit London in 1873, where he examined the Indian manuscripts available there. The next year, with Georg Buehler, he visited Rajasthan, India, where manuscripts were being collected. At Jaisalmer Library, he came across Jain Manuscripts, which were of abiding interest to him for the rest of his life. He later edited and translated many of them, both into German and English, including those for Max Mueller's Sacred Books of the East.Apart from Jaina studies, Jacobi was interested in Indian mathematics, astrology and the Natural Sciences, and using astronomical information available in the Vedas, he tried to establish the date of their composition. Like Alexander Cunningham before him he tried to systematise how, from the evidence available in inscriptions, a true local time could be arrived at.In his later life, Jacobi interested himself in Poetry, Epics and Philosophy, particularly the school of Nyaya-Vaisheshika. As far as his formal academic career was concerned, Jacobi qualified as a Professor in 1875, becoming associate professor at the University of Münster in 1876 and a full professor at Kiel in 1885. He finally moved to his home town of Koln in 1889, where he served as a professor until his retirement in 1922. Among the honours he received were a doctorate from the University of Calcutta where he had gone in the winter of 1913-14 to lecture on poetics, while the Jain community conferred the title JAINA DARSANA DIVAKAR - Sun of the Jain doctrine upon him. Even after his retirement, Jacobi remained active, lecturing and writing till his death in 1937."

Table Of Contains...

01. Uttarâdhyayana
02. Sûtrakritânga

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