Champion Mindset: Succeed In Sports, Business & Life (English Edition) por Austin Sieben

November 19, 2019

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Champion Mindset: Succeed In Sports, Business & Life (English Edition) por Austin Sieben
Titulo del libro : Champion Mindset: Succeed In Sports, Business & Life (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 30, 2016
Autor : Austin Sieben
Número de páginas : 60

Austin Sieben con Champion Mindset: Succeed In Sports, Business & Life (English Edition)

**Readable On Any Electronic Device (iPhone/Android, Kindle, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer Etc.)

If you’re an Elementary/High School/College Student, a Parent, Athlete, Employee, Business Owner or Entrepreneur… this book is for you!

It's not just a sports book... In 150+ Pages (Here Is Only Some Of the Topics You Will Learn About):
• Life Insights, Principles & Strategies
• Setting Goals
• Self Motivation
• Mental Strength
• Decision Making
• Building Confidence
• Handling Self-Belief
• Controlling Emotions
• Underdog Advantage
• Real Result Principles
• Risk Vs. Reward Formula
• Accelerated Success Formula

And SO Much More To Help You Attain An Improved Quality of Life Through The Champion Mindset!

Austin has walked the walk when it comes to creating The Champion Mindset and becoming a Champion…7 times.

He has a passion to share his insights, and motivate people in his day to day life. Being a former Power Engineer and former Professional Athlete, he has many truths to share, as to how he went from the underdog in life, to the champion in life… living a life he loves.

If you want a better understanding of real success and real self proven principles that will unlock more good in your life than you ever imagined with relationships, sports, and health…then this book is for you.

‘The Champion Mindset’ was written based on real self proven success in many areas of Austin’s life.

The consistent self implemented (and proven) principles have been defined and broken down in an easy-to-read format for any person looking for high quality value.

This is the no holds barred truth. This is exactly what you need in order to open your mind to think, act, do and be a champion in your everyday life. A Champion Mindset is a mindset of thinking with optimal performance, openness, ambition, discipline and controlling of your emotions. The Champion Mindset is the mindset that produces the best results across the board in life.

You don't need to be a specific age, you don’t need to be an athlete and you don’t even need to be a competitor in order to achieve this thinking. That’s exactly why this book was written…to share the power of the Champion Mindset on a level that anyone willing to take action can transform.

Austin Sieben is a former Professional Jet Ski Racer. He was introduced to the sport at 15 and decided to race for 4 intensely gruelling years without skipping a beat, retiring at 19. With only his family by his side and a supportive home town, Austin took responsibility being his own Motivator, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, and Mentor fitting whatever role it took while he continued to ferociously chase and achieve his dreams. Austin looks forward to telling the world exactly what he does for success in sports, business and life in his new book, ‘The Champion Mindset’.

Austin earned over 80 awards racing jet skis from the age of 15 to 19 years old, including winning 7 National Titles and Ranking Top 10 in the World against 40 countries 9 times. At the 2013 World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ, Austin Sieben placed 5th place in Pro-Amateur Class. His heart was set on being a rising star in the sport, more importantly making a positive impact on others in his personal network and community. While being recognized for being in a unique sport and the accomplishments through his career, one thing that was extremely important to Austin, was sticking to his roots, knowing who he was, where he came from, and to help others, no matter where you get in life… not allowing status or success shift your true character.

The truth in his book is shared, exposing the good and the bad in his life — the wins, the struggles, and everything in between, leading into the valuable lessons for you to understand real powerful keys in life that will unlock The Champion Mindset...No Matter Who You Are.

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